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A one stop shop for all your household needs! Its a revolutionary platform that will transform your shopping experience! A Win-Win for consumer and businesses!

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How it Works

Manage Shopping List

Easy way to add and remove products manage shopping list in minimum time.

Choose Shop and Order

Get exciting offers by many shops and choose shop that gives you the best offer.

Publish and Get Offers

Publish your shopping list to get exciting offers in time.

Pay on Delivery

Pay the order amount by cash on delivery option.

Why Urban Buyer

Urbanbuyer provides a one-stop shop for all your household needs. A mobile app which facilitates a stress and hassle free shopping by connects you with your trusted neighborhood stores and giving you the best deals without painful negotiation.

No need to make frequent trips to supermarket and say goodbye to frustrating queues and parking problems. Download the app today and Start Shopping.

Hassle free Shopping

No Standing Queues,No Parking Issues.

Trusted Neighbourhood Stores

You can get your order from your trusted neighbourhood stores.

Best Offers Without Any Negotiation

You will get many offers just choose best one for you.

Quality And Delivery

Quality Products will deliver you in time at your doorstep.

Who We Are

UrbanBuyer is an e-commerce marketplace that will transform the shopping experience of today's consumer. Wtih our "Buyers Demand, Seller Compete" model, consumers always comes first. Create your shopping basket from our cataglog and get exciting offers from your trusted neighborhood stores.

No painful negotiations, no quality concerns, and best, no worries of unknown shippers and deliveries. Your neighborhood stores are your best known sources. And with UrbanBuyer, you always get choice of shop and best discounted prices.

Buyer Demands, Sellers Compete!